Non-governmental organization Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights is the first internationally recognized collective management organization in Ukrainian history managed solely by authors and rightholders. UACRR’s mission is to collect, distribute and pay royalties to Ukrainian and foreign creators and also to provide a legal protection to the authors.

Thereby, for the first time in 92 years of Ukrainian copyright system existence, the copyright will be managed not by the government but only by creators themselves!

This significant event took place in February 2018, when Ukrainian authors’ assembly unanimously decided to overcome fraud and chaos in national copyright system and to set Ukrainian collective management back on European track by founding a CMO of international standard.

Non-governmental organization UACRR is a member of CISAC – the world’s principal body of copyright protection which unites the leading CMOs of the planet. The initiative of Ukrainian authors was unanimously supported by CISAC General Assembly, June 1, 2018.

According to NGO UACRR’s Statute, organization’s management board from now on is appointed not by the government but solely by authors’ community. It guarantees high-level efficiency and transparency of royalty collection, distribution and payment to thousands of Ukrainian and millions of foreign creators.

Moreover, NGO UACRR involves the experience of expert team, which in recent years made a breakthrough in Ukrainian copyright sphere by collecting record royalty amounts for domestic and foreign authors. Professional work of our team was many times recognized internationally.

NGO UACRR Board of Authors is represented by:

Olexander Zlotnik – Composer, People’s Artist of Ukraine
Valery Harchyshyn, “Druha Rika” band – poet, composer
Taras Topolya, “Antytila” band – poet, composer
Svitlana Babiychuk – wife and heritor of “Skryabin” band frontman Andriy Kuzmenko
Olexii Potapenko - poet, composer, “MOZGI Entertainment”
Volodymyr Bebeshko – composer
Natalya Dzenkiv (Lama) – author, composer
Olexander Egorov – author, composer
Serhiy Zhorov – composer
Olexander “Fozzi” Sidorenko, TNMK band – author, composer
Dmytro Tsyperdiuk - author, composer
Andriy “Diesel” Yatsenko, “Green Gray” band – author, composer
Serhii Vusyk, “Antytila” band
Mykola Brovchenko - playwright, screenwriter
Serhii Gera, “Druha Rika” band – composer
Yurii Nikitin - representative of “Mamamusic”
Krystyna Manjola – representative of “Supersymmetry” publishing house (“Okean Elzy” band)
Tetyana Korchemaha – representative of “MOON RECORDS”

NGO UACRR Supervisory board is represented by:

Permanent members of the Supervisory board

Serhiy Krutsenko – Supervisory board Chairman, author, composer
Oleg Mikhailuta, TNMK band – author, composer
Volodymyr Gursky - author, composer

Vitaliy Kyrychenko, “Numer 482” band - author, composer

Irina Gorovaya - CEO&Co-Founder MOZGI GROUP, CEO «MOZGI Entertainment»