Non-governmental organization “Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights” – organization of collective management of authors’ rights of music, literature, dramatic and others works of art and science. NGO UACRR manages property rights of Ukrainian authors as well as represents the rights of foreign rightholders on the basis of reciprocal representation agreements with other authors’ organizations. NGO UACRR is managed solely by authors and is a member of International Confederation of Authors and Composers CISAC.

Since becoming an independent state and for many years Ukraine was one of the few countries in the world where its biggest CMO was managed by government, contradicting international practices and CISAC’s terms and conditions.

February 28, 2018 creators at NGO UACRR authors’ assembly unanimously decided to set Ukrainian collective management back on European track and to establish a world-class organization. Thus the assembly approved the composition of the author’s and supervisory boards of the newly created non-governmental organization.


Since the first day of its existence NGO UACRR has a certificate of a collective management organization and therefore has a right to manage property rights of the authors on a collective basis. The initiative was unanimously supported by a General Assembly of CISAC that took NGO UACRR aboard June 1, 2018.

Today NGO UACRR combines enthusiasm of young specialists and many years’ work experience of previous decades. Our purpose remains unchanged – to protect copyright and make our contribution in formation of legal environment for art development in our country. NGO UACRR has always been and stays to be the most powerful collective management organization in Ukraine.